Monday, July 18, 2011

Senior guys

What fun it is to get to photograph these senior guys!
It's always great to get to take pictures of the beautiful girls but sometimes it is a real hoot to get to spend time with a fun guy who is excited about life and having a great senior year.
This post is about Matt - who is into everything and having a blast during this exciting part of life. He was very active in football, baseball and the country western dance team and who knows what else.

He has a quick smile and doesn't mind his sister and his mom fussing with his hair for pictures. He has lots of patience with photographers (me) and does everything they ask including jumping into a bed of weeds for a great picture.

We got an early start to beat the heat and spend a few hours trying some new places around Dallas for pictures. Matt and his mom didn't mind trying some new ideas and locations. I loved what we ended up with.

I have waited terribly late to put up this post and I have forgotten where Matt is off to next year - but where ever he goes he will be surrounded by new friends because of his easy personality and humble ways.

Matt, I hope you have the most wonderful time next year! You are a special young man, the kind we need more of these days. I know you are ready for whatever comes your way and that you will make the most of your life. Enjoy!
"To whom much is given, much is required." Luke 12:48. You will not disappoint.

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